Mithila Paintings

Mithila\Madhubani paintings are abstracted on Canvas as well on handmade paper inherited by religious, nature, Folk and golden era of Madhubani.

Our focus is on originality of Madhubani   art   with touch of modern school of art.

Our base lines are  Tantrik, Khobar, Bharni, Godna and Katchni.with theme of Festivals of Mithila, dance forms, Popular folk stories thatched rooftops, Night angles, Parrots, Quails, Krishna, Sita, Sarswati, Buddhism , Sufism, tantric symbols and classical Hinduism.

Our uniqueness is Geometric pattern of paintings with natural colors which are Turmeric, charcoal fire, Milk, Lime juice, Indigo, and flowers.

Our expertise is also acrylic Paintings and brush Paintings. We also customize according to persona of the Customer.