Kalpna Kumari Greeting Card with Mithila Painting of Bamboo


Buy this beautiful greeting card with bamboo hand-painted on it in Mithila Art Style. Bamboo is also a representation of fertility. Can be given to a person as a blessing to someone about to give birth to a baby.

Size: 4 inches x 6 inches

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Bamboos are also very significant in the society of Mithila. It is being used in every sanskaras of a human being from birth to Mundan, from Mudan to Upnayan, from Upnayan to Marriage, and from Marriage to death. That’s why you can see the painting of bamboo is most commonly found in traditional Mithila Painting/Madhubani Painting.

  • These are handmade greeting cards made by local artisans.
  • 2 days Shipping Time
  • Can get customized handmade greeting card
  • 100% handmade painting on handmade paper


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