Kalpna Kumari Mithila Painting of Gajendra Moksha


Buy this beautiful painting made on handmade paper with the inspiration taken from Al-Buraq. The intricate painting inside the elephant is inspired by Al-Buraq painting exhibited at National Museum New Delhi. The combination of Mithila Painting and the inspiration from Deccan art makes it unique.

Size: 13 inch x 11 inch

Artist: Kalpna Kumari

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Buy this beautiful painting on Gajendra Moksha where Lord Vishnu helped an Elephant from Crocodile. This Painting has very intricate Katchni which is the speciality of Madhubani Painting.

This painting is from series of “Divine Power of knowledge”

Gajendra Moksha is one of the most important exploits of Lord Vishnu. A great devotee of Vishnu, King Indradyumna, was cursed by the sage Agastya to be reborn as an elephant. The sage’s words proved true and Indradyumna was reborn as Gajendra, or the king of elephants. One day, as he stepped into a lake to drink his fill, he was caught by a crocodile. Though he fought with all his might to shake it off, the crocodile only tightened its grip. The legend goes that Gajendra remained thus for many years. Finally, in great despair, he cried out piteously to the Lord to help him. Hearing his entreaties, Vishnu descended expeditiously from heaven on the back of Garuda, his celestial transport.                            

our painting has linear rhythm, harmony in the choice of colours, a certain proportion and balance in perspective. But what holds our attention more are the angular convergence of the lines of vision of Vishnu, Gajendra, the crocodile, and Garuda.

  • Shipping time of 2-3 days
  • Shipping of Framed painting (if requested by the customer based on the choice of colours and frame type)

Additional information

Base Material

Handmade Paper



Painting Color


Painting Dimension

13 inch x 11 inch


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