Kalpna Kumari Mithila Painting of Vat Savitri


This festival is only for married woman. For the first year after marriage, this is a big function. Woman continue doing this festival every year, though in a simple manner.

Indian married women pray for the good health of their husband on the eve of this festival.

There is a famous tale of Satyavan and Savitri which they use to read in which Savitri, the wife of Satyavan had taken back the life of her husband from Yamaraj (Deity who take our lives).

Painting Size: 30 inches x 22 inches

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This festival is also known as Barsait in Mithila. This painting is out of several Paintings exhibited in an exhibition by Moolbodh.

This painting is from the series of “Festivals of Mithila” this painting narrates the bravery of women how she fights with the god of death for the life of her husband

VAT SAVITRI puja which is observed by married Hindu women for well being, prosperity, and long life of their husband’s women keep fast which is based on devotion and determination shown by Savitri to win back her husband from the clutches of Yama.

Savitri who was the daughter of king Ashvapati fell in love with Satyavan who was the son of king Dhumasten According to Janam Kundli, his life was too short still she wanted to marry after marriage Savitri started doing penances for the long life of Her husband. One day Satyavan was resting under Banyan Tree and suddenly he died. The god of death came to take away his body but Savitri confronted and refused to give her husband’s body messengers tried to take the body of Satyavan but all go in vain at last Yama, the god of death himself appeared in front of Savitri and requested him to let him take away the body but she refused, hence Yama offered a boon to her she requested her many things which Yama fulfilled but still, she didn’t leave the body of her husband and at last, when Yama was at abode she requested him to send child which was impossible without husband and Yama realized her love for husband and devotion he restored his life under the Banyan tree. from that day women do puja and tie thread around the banyan tree.

In our painting, you can find how women recite the story of Savitri and Satyavan and tie the thread around the Banyan tree.

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Base Material

Handmade Paper



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22 inch x 30 inch


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