Kalpna Kumari Mithila Painting on Chauth-Chand


A festival in which the prayer of Hindu deity Chandra is performed known as Chauth-Chand or chauthi chand, mostly comes near Ganesh Chaturthi. The painting is made in two sections: the first section shows women cooking sweets and the second section shows family members praying to Moon (Chandra) with fruits and cooked sweets.

Mithila Painting of Chauth Chand

Artist: Kalpna Kumari

Dimension: 22 inch x 15 inch

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This painting is out of paintings from the first Mithila painting exhibition by Antiquecraft Private Limited with website partner MithilanchalGroup. This was an attempt to provide a platform for Madhubani Painting artists to showcase their talents. The exhibition was organised at Arpana Art Gallery, New Delhi in June 2016.

This painting is from the series of “Festivals of Mithila” Chaut Chand is that festival of Mithila in which the moon is worshipped with great enthusiasm. Women keep fast the Whole day the worship of Ganesha with the moon in the evening. Aripan (Alpana or rangoli made by grinding raw rice in Mithila) is made first in the courtyard of the house when the sunset and the moon appear. There is a tradition of worshipping Ganesha and the Moon by placing all the material of worship on it.

People have been celebrating the Chaurachan Puja in this sense for centuries. All the people present in the worship keep some fruit in their hands like cucumber and banana and worship and see the moon. During the worship of Chautchandra, the curd is made in a special pot of clay, which is called Athara in Maithili. The taste of this yoghurt is distinctive and unique.

In our painting artist shows that how women make holy food and how they perform prayers and offer that food to the moon with the help of a priest.

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Base Material

Handmade Paper

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Painting Dimension

22 inch x 15 inch


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