Kamini Kashyap Mithila Painting of an Elegant Fisher woman


Buy this beautiful Mithila Painting of a woman fish seller. A woman is shown holding fish in one hand and rest others in the basket. The painting is made in such a way that fishes in the basket are also revealed. This also breaks down the stereotyping that only men are into the fish-selling business.

Artist: Kamini Kashyap

Dimension: 13 inches x 11 Inches

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Fish Curry is one of the favorite dishes of Mithila. It is being eaten by Brahmins as well. In villages, people get fishes from a pond directly while in towns and cities, it is being sold by the street vendor. Women seller also sells fish by going into the colonies.

  • Shipping time of 2-3 days
  • Shipping of Framed painting (if requested by the customer based on the choice of colors and frame type)


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