Kamini Kashyap Mithila Painting of Meeting of Rama with Kevat


This beautiful painting in Madhubani Art Style shows Kevat washing the feet of King Rama near the Saryu River. Younger Brother Lashman and Wife Sita are shown standing beside him. The river is shown beautifully with the water creatures and a boat. They are standing under the shade of a tree.

Dimension: 30 inch x 22 inch

Artist: Kamini Kashyap

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This painting is from one of the episodes of Ramayana when King Rama had to cross the Saryu river while leaving Ayodhya.

This painting is from series of “Divine Power of knowledge ”

When Lord Sri Ramachandra reached the forest with Sita and Lakshmana, they had to cross the river Saryu (Ganga).

Guha had heard about the banishment of Lord Rama and came running to help Him.

One of his boatmen was unloading people on the opposite bank and Guha said to Kevat to bring the boat and take divine personalities on another side of mother Ganga.

Kevat brought the boat near Lord Rama, got down and did namaskar with intense devotion to Lord Rama.

He started and ended his days with prayers to Lord Rama and throughout the day he was well known for talking about the glories of the Lord.

Kevat asked Guha whether he could wash Lord’s feet before He stepped into the boat. Guha told him to wash His feet after seating Him in the boat. But Kevat was adamant and told Guha that he would like to wash Lord’s feet before he got into the boat. Guha was a little angry at his stubbornness and was about to lose his temper.

Then Kevat decided to explain his point to Lord Rama himself. “Lord, the limited income I have as a boatman is just enough to make both ends meet in life and I am afraid that I cannot afford any more boats. So let me please wash the dust on your feet before you step into my boat.”

Lord Rama smiled looking at Sita Devi and remained silent.

Lord Rama appreciated his pure and innocent faith.

After washing their feet, Kevat places his hands on earth and ask Lord to first step on his hand before stepping into the boat. This way he washed all his sins by having a touch of the Lord’s feet.

After washing the Lord’s feet, Kevat ferried them across the river. As soon as they alighted from the boat, Ma Sita immediately withdrew a ring from her finger and handed it over to Lord Rama, signalling to him to pass it on to the boatman.

In our painting, we highlighted the whole episode while washing the feet of Lord Rama.

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Base Material

Handmade Paper

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22 inch x 30 inch




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