Kamini Kashyap Mithila Painting on Saurath Sabha


Saurath is a village situated six Kilometers northeast of Madhubani town in Madhubani District of Bihar. It is famous for being the place where thousands of Maithil Brahaman converged to fix marriage during the marriage season. The people gathered at Saurath Sabha Gachchhi (Sabha means congregation and Gachchhi means orchard in Maithili).

Mithila Painting of Saurath Sabha

Artists: Kamini Kashyap

Painting Dimension: 30 inches x 22 inches

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This painting is out of paintings from the first Mithila painting exhibition by Antiquecraft Private Limited with website partner MithilanchalGroup. This was an attempt to provide a platform for Madhubani Painting artists to showcase their talents. The exhibition was organised at Arpana Art Gallery, New Delhi in June 2016.

This painting is from the series of “History of Mithila” The Saurath sabha is a huge gathering of arranged marriages held every year in the Mithila region of Bihar in which the eligible groom is chosen by the father of the Girl who came there. it was proposed that to facilitate marriages and curb practices associated with arranged marriages, the father of the bride should be allowed to meet the father and prospective groom so that the marriage could be arranged in front of everyone. The Maharaja of Mithila approved this idea and 14 villages were selected to hold these events, known as sabhas: Saurath, Khanagadi, Partapur, Sheohar, Samsaul, and Sahsaula. While Saurath maintains the tradition, all other villages have discontinued this practice. This practice of Maithil Brahman to match couples during the Hindu according to the reading of their horoscope by the panjikars.

It’s compulsory for everyone to bring Asvajajanapatra certificate who is seeking marriage from the panjikaran, stating that there are no blood relations between two families.

In our painting, we paid attention to every detail which is connected to this festival of arranged marriages.

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Base Material

Handmade Paper

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Painting Dimension

22 inch x 30 inch


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