Mithila Dopta with Khaki Cotton Paag


Buy Mithila Paag online with Mithila Dopta/Angvastra at an affordable low price. These Paags are available in different colors and bulk orders can also be made on request. You can also buy Paag with Mithila Painting or order a customized Mithila Painting Paag.

Size of Dopta: 4.75 ft x 2.25 ft

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The Paag is the traditional headgear and the pride of Mithila. It’s being used on several occasions such as Mundan Sanskara, Upnayan Sanskar, Marriage Ceremony, and other festive ocassions and occasions of worship.

  • 3 days of Shipping time.
  • Customized color paag available.
  • Affordable cost
  • Package contains one satin paag and one dopta/angvastra with Mithila Painting


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