Pink Cotton Mithila Paag

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Buy Mithila Paag in pink color online at an affordable low price. These Paags are available in different colors and bulk orders can also be made on request. You can also buy Paag with Mithila Painting or order a customized Mithila Painting Paag.

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The Paag is the traditional headgear and the pride of Mithila. It’s being used on several occasions such as Mundan Sanskara, Upnayan Sanskar, Marriage Ceremony, and other festive occasions and occasions of worship.

  • 3 days of Shipping time.
  • Customized color paag available.
  • Affordable cost

8 reviews for Pink Cotton Mithila Paag

  1. Adarsh Ranjan

    The paag is same as the paag we get in any mithilanchal area like Madhubani Sitamarhi Muzaffarpur darbhanga. Any body who wants this can order it with any hesitation from anywhere i.e from bihar or outside bihar.

    • MithilanchalGroup

      Thank you for endorsing us sir 🙂

  2. Anan kumar (verified owner)

    Best quality , अति उत्तम आभार मिथिलाबाजर

    • MithilanchalGroup

      Bahut bahut dhanyawad Anand Jee

  3. Pranav Jha

    Atti sundar aur quality product.
    Special thanks for the “on request” speedy delivery.

    • MithilanchalGroup

      Bahut Bahut Dhanyawad. Ahan sabhak ashirwaad Ehina banal rahai

  4. Ashok Kumar Jha (verified owner)

    Thank you, prasanta bhel ahan ke samay per service lel, asha karait chi service continue rahat.

    • MithilanchalGroup

      Ahan sabhak seva ke lel sadaiv tatpar rahab.

  5. Sowndarya

    Nice paag and nice services

    • MithilanchalGroup

      Thank you dear customer.

  6. Annu (verified owner)

    Bahut nik paag aichh aur hmara samay par bhet gel. dhanyawaad ahan ke.🙏

    • MithilanchalGroup

      Bahut bahut dhanyavad shopping ke lel.

  7. Ranj devi

    Mithlanchal ke gaurav …aur mithla s dur raha bala log ke lel bahut sahyogi page …uchhtam Qualify for minimum Quantity

    • MithilanchalGroup

      Bahut bahut dhanyawaad

  8. Neha (verified owner)

    Bahut accha h paag k quality. Thanks jo Bihar m nhi hote hua v Etna jldi tym p agaya mera location p .

    • MithilanchalGroup

      Bahut bahut dhanyawad shopping ke lel

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