Kamini Kashyap Mithila Painting of Saburi Episode of Ramayana


This Mithila painting showing Rama tasting the Indian Plum offered by Saburi. This is the painting from one of the episodes of Ramayana. This Painting shows Ram, Lakshman, and Saburi sitting on the ground. The backdrop of tree, Plums in a basket, and a hut is making this painting more appealing.

Painting Dimension: 22 inch x 15 inch

Artist: Kamini Kashyap

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This painting is from one of the episodes of Ramayana when Rama and Lakshmana went to Mata Saburi’s Ashram.

This painting is from series of “Divine Power of knowledge”

The story of Rama and Saburi is an inspiring example from the treasure house the character of Saburi is the epitome of patience, perseverance, devotion, purity, and spirit of service. Though the meeting between Rama and Saburi lasted only for a few minutes, it contained a decisive moment when all her penance and devotion were duly rewarded by Rama.

She went to many teachers and asked them to take her as their disciple and teach her ‘true wisdom’ (Brahma Jnana), all the teachers rejected her because she was of a low caste and wasn’t worthy to learn Brahma Jnana.

Sage Matanga welcome her and took her as his disciples, other rishis and yogis condemned him for taking an outcast as the disciple, they criticized him, called him fallen, impure.

one day when Sage Matang was very old he called his disciple Saburi and said “My Daughter, I’m leaving this body, is there anything you want me to do for you?”

Shabari prayed “Lord take me with you to the highest abode you are going. I cannot live without you”

Sage Matanga said “Dear, One day Lord Rama will come to see you until then stay alive, after that you can come to me”

Rama and Lakshmana were passing by the route in search of Mother Sita. Rama had known the divine task awaiting him in the ashram of sage Matanga and therefore they both entered the hermitage. All over the years, Saburi was waiting for Rama as instructed by sage Mathanga. Saburi had gathered the wild fruits for Rama which she offered him with great devotion. To source the best ones, she would bite them and check before offering them to the Lord. Her innocent devotion pleased the Lord who granted her liberation before leaving the place.

In our painting artists trying to show how to achieve great spiritual advancement.

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Base Material

Handmade Paper



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Painting Dimension

22 inch x 15 inch


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