Buy the Holy Mart Pure Cotton -Mithila Pooja Samagari Janau/Janeu/Sacred Thread/Yagnopaveeth Dhaga. Janeu or Janou is a sacred thread worn by all Hindu Brahmins to mark the transition of a young male’s life-from being a child to a young boy to becoming a man. Buy different colors of the thread of your choice. It is a sacred white thread that is worn by the brahmin boys after they reach the age of twelve at the ‘Upanayana Sankar’. The three sacred threads of Janeu signifies the three Goddesses- Parvati (strength), Lakshmi (wealth), and Saraswati (knowledge). It is Worn on the left side shoulder it crosses the body onto the right side of the torso. The three strands of thread represent Rig, Yajur, and Sam Veda.

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