Madhubani Painting Special Coffee Mug. Ceramic Cups hand-painted patterns in Mithila Painting. Madhubani Mithila Bihar Painting Patterns. The products Exclusively from Brand Bihar. In this Cup, sprinkle your steaming tea or coffee with a stunning mix of appealing colors and exclusive style. On our Mugs, the print quality is very good. We make sure the Model is printed to the highest quality and that you get a Top-Quality Printed Mug. After many washes, it gives you a smooth Glossy Finish. This mugs mug is printed with Mithila Painting one of the famous folk art known as Madhubani painting. the very good and unique gift of Mithila in this. This new form .. this special gift would make your loved ones smile on their face. Hundreds of designs are available. Mithila painting is one of the popular folk designs in India and worldwide very famous. you just have to order the mug and the unique design mug will be at your doorstep.


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