Poet Vidyapati and Lord Shiva

There are so many stories about “Mithila”.The story today I am writing is about the famous poet “Vidyapati”.

He had written so many beautiful poems/songs for lord Shiva that brought the god to the earth. Lord Shiva went to Vidyapati’s house to become a servant and started working as a servant. One day the king of Darbhanga called him(Vidyapati).On the way, Vidyapati became very thirsty and told Ugna to give water.

Ugna was the name of God that was his own creation. But Ugna couldn’t find water in the pot. Vidyapati was dying without water. Then, Ugna went to the backside of a “Babool” tree and taken Gangajal from his Jata(peak of hair) and gave it to Vidyapati.

These all situations were created by Gauri, the wife of God Shiva because Shiva left his abode “Kailash” for listening to the songs of Vidyapati. Now Vidyapati asks Ugna about the “Gangajal” that from where he had brought the Gangajal. Now Vidyapati told him to give his identity and Lord shiva told him not to reveal this secret and told–“If you told anybody about me I will go”.After this event, Vidyapati lived happily.

One day Vidyapati’s wife told Ugna to bring some Bilwapatra but Ugna got late in returning home. Vidyapati’s children became very hungry and his wife became angry. She took the burning wood to hit Ugna but Vidyapati had stopped her after telling the secret and Lord shiva went to his Place Kailash .

Now Vidyapati became mad. After watching the condition of his disciple, Shiva went to him and told him to live a normal life and make a Shivling as his symbol. After that, they lived happily.

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